Ep 12 – LOVE ISLAND (UK) with Nick Cron-DeVico

Emmy-winning comedy writer Nick Cron-Devico (ROBOT CHICKEN, CLARENCE) drops by the studio to try and convince Sasha and Steven that LOVE ISLAND (UK) – not to be mixed with LOVE ISLAND USA! – is one of the most fascinating TV phenomena of all time. How closely does this reality programme resemble the Stanford Prison Experiment? What’s Sasha’s deeply personal connection with the show, by way of its presenter Caroline Flack? How many hours of television does Nick watch every night? Listen to find out.  

Also, Steven recommends nonograms (especially picross), and Sasha speculates that “Pasha: Autobiography of TV’s Hottest Dance Star” by Pasha Kovalev might be worth checking out (?)

But definitely check out ROBOT CHICKEN Season 10, premiering on 9/29/19 on Adult Swim. Both Nick and Sasha were writers on it!

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